FAQ – Buying a New Home – How does a Realtor Help?

Buying a new home is an exciting and stressful time for everyone. At Kennedy Schofield, we want to make our part in this process as smooth as possible. When we work with clients who are purchasing a home, we take the time to explain the process to them and are always available for any questions [...]

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Response to FAQ: When do I need a will?

One of the questions I am most frequently asked by my friends and family members in relation to my work is, “When do I need a will?”. As a lawyer who assists people with wills and estate planning, I cannot stress enough the importance of planning ahead to ensure your loved ones are looked after [...]

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Welcoming Charlotte Edwards as an Associate to Kennedy Schofield Lawyers

We are very pleased to announce that Charlotte Edwards joined us as an Associate Lawyer in June 2018. Charlotte will be offering legal services in the areas of family law, and wills and estates, including probate. She is in the process of completing her Land Registration Course, and once complete, will also be practicing in [...]

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What Do I Need to Consider If My Marriage is Ending?

The divorce rate in Canada is over 50%, which means that many families are deciding that they would be happier living separately than together. When a couple decides to separate there are decisions that need to be made so that the family can move on in the best possible way financially and emotionally.  Here are [...]

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It’s a New Year!  What’s on Your “TO DO” List?

I have to admit I love the New Year.   It feels to me like a fresh start, and it motivates me to start taking care of some of those things that have been taking up space in my head; my mental “to do” list.  In January I clean out closets, make appointments for medical checkups [...]

Commercial Leases – Protecting Yourself & Your Business

So you are starting your business and you decide you need a place to sell your products. You look for the perfect location and find a great rental opportunity, but is it? This opportunity is a commercial opportunity and means you would be signing a commercial lease and there are big differences between a commercial [...]

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Restrictive Covenants: How will they affect my ownership?

When purchasing a property you will want to know whether there are any covenants attached to your property. Covenants are typically referred to as ‘restrictive covenants.’ A restrictive covenant is normally contained in a deed conveying land. Restrictive covenants are essentially the things you are not permitted to do on, to, over or under land [...]

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