Commercial Leases – Protecting Yourself & Your Business

So you are starting your business and you decide you need a place to sell your products. You look for the perfect location and find a great rental opportunity, but is it? This opportunity is a commercial opportunity and means you would be signing a commercial lease and there are big differences between a commercial [...]

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What’s the Story on Will Kits?

Almost every time I present a seminar on estate planning, the question comes up – can I just use a Will kit? This is not something I recommend, so my answer is usually the same, you shouldn’t. Unfortunately, many people still use will kits because they appear economical, but the result of using one can [...]

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Why Do You Need me when Starting a New Business?

Clients often wonder what my role is in starting their new business. Whenever I’m asked this, I like to give them examples of the kind of situations they could be faced with if they did not seek legal advice in advance. Consider a situation where two best friends have a great business idea. They start [...]

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What is Really Up There? Why you should care about “The Cloud”

Today most of us use technology in our everyday lives without a basic understanding of how it works (myself included!). A good example of this is the increasing use of cloud storage. The premise of the cloud is that data can be accessed from anywhere via the internet, metaphorically stored in a “cloud” that hovers [...]

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The Path to Preparing a Will

People are hesitant to prepare their Will for a variety of reasons. Most feel that the process is stressful and unnecessary. The reality is that the majority of people who take the time to prepare their Will feel a great sense of relief and contentment after the process is complete. In terms of being necessary….well, [...]

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Youth justice camp was a success!

We are very pleased with the outcome of Kennedy Schofield Lawyers’ first ever youth justice camp. We feel it was very fitting that it took place on International Youth Day. The camp’s 19 youth participants were very active audience members asking the speakers lots of interesting and thought-provoking questions. So far the feedback we have [...]

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