Introduction – Scot Stanfield

Introduction - Scot Stanfield By way of introducing myself to the Tantallon region and the people who live in this amazing place, I’d like to tell a story. It’s not long, so I hope you’ll bear with me. As a younger man in my first year of law school, I volunteered to work the Landlord/Tenant [...]

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Legal Milestone for 2018 – The Legalization of Cannabis for Recreational Use

On October 17, 2018, the use of recreational cannabis became legal in Canada; however; the government gets to decide when and where marijuana use is permitted. Any infraction can lead to fines and charges. The laws governing the use of marijuana differ by province. When traveling to different parts of Canada, don’t assume that the [...]

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Trick or Treating Routes

Halloween is a little over a week away and I am sure you and your family are choosing what costumes to wear and planning both activities and trick or treating routes. During your preparations, it is important to consider some of the laws that may apply to the festivities. Before crossing the street to find [...]

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The Salem Witch Trials

In 1692 a group of young girls became sick in Salem Village, Massachusetts, suffering from vomiting, delusions and muscle spasms.  At that time life in New England was harsh.  The recent war between the British and France, a smallpox epidemic, and fears of attack from Native American tribes caused paranoia among the villagers, and as [...]

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Are there flowers in Nova Scotia that are illegal to pick?

Are there flowers in Nova Scotia that are illegal to pick? Surprisingly the answer is yes! Most of us know of “Lady Slippers” – they are a variety of wild orchid that grows in Nova Scotia. These flowers are renowned for their beauty, which is what prompts many people to pick them. Unfortunately, Lady Slippers have some [...]

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Privileged Communications

Rules of evidence are developed to assist the judge in his/her attempt to determine the true version of events, and therefore make a fair and responsible ruling. However, there are certain types of communications that are so important that they must be protected, even if this means that the truth may be obscured. These communications [...]

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