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Amanda Lutz is an Associate Lawyer with Kennedy Schofield Lawyers. She practices in the areas of Real Estate Law, Wills & Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, Probate law, and Corporate Law. Click here to view Amanda's Bio. Articles posted on this blog are meant to offer basic legal information and should not be relied upon for legal opinion. For advice on your specific matter, you can contact Amanda or any of our lawyers at 902-826-9140.

FAQ – Buying a New Home – How does a Realtor Help?

Buying a new home is an exciting and stressful time for everyone. At Kennedy Schofield, we want to make our part in this process as smooth as possible. When we work with clients who are purchasing a home, we take the time to explain the process to them and are always available for any questions [...]

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Incorporation – Advantages & Disadvantages

Limitation of Liability One of the biggest advantages to incorporating your business is that the shareholders of the company limit their liability for the debts of the business. If a creditor is seeking to recover for a company debt, they can only seek to acquire company assets and not the personal assets of the shareholders. [...]

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Trick or Treating Routes

Halloween is a little over a week away and I am sure you and your family are choosing what costumes to wear and planning both activities and trick or treating routes. During your preparations, it is important to consider some of the laws that may apply to the festivities. Before crossing the street to find [...]

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Commercial Leases – Protecting Yourself & Your Business

So you are starting your business and you decide you need a place to sell your products. You look for the perfect location and find a great rental opportunity, but is it? This opportunity is a commercial opportunity and means you would be signing a commercial lease and there are big differences between a commercial [...]

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What’s the Story on Will Kits?

Almost every time I present a seminar on estate planning, the question comes up – can I just use a Will kit? This is not something I recommend, so my answer is usually the same, you shouldn’t. Unfortunately, many people still use will kits because they appear economical, but the result of using one can [...]

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Why Do You Need me when Starting a New Business?

Clients often wonder what my role is in starting their new business. Whenever I’m asked this, I like to give them examples of the kind of situations they could be faced with if they did not seek legal advice in advance. Consider a situation where two best friends have a great business idea. They start [...]

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Restrictive Covenants: How will they affect my ownership?

When purchasing a property you will want to know whether there are any covenants attached to your property. Covenants are typically referred to as ‘restrictive covenants.’ A restrictive covenant is normally contained in a deed conveying land. Restrictive covenants are essentially the things you are not permitted to do on, to, over or under land [...]

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Why you’re not too young to get a Power of Attorney

Many people are hesitant to acquire a Power of Attorney when they are young and that is understandable since many don’t envision that such a document would be needed at early stages of life. The problem with that thinking is that if you do not acquire it early enough, depending on the circumstances, you may [...]

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