Remembrance Day is a time to appreciate and reflect upon the sacrifices that were made so that we could have the freedoms that we enjoy today. As a military wife and daughter, I have always felt it important to take time on this day to not only appreciate those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom, but also those that came home and those who were waiting at home for them.

Those men and women who came home faced a difficult task. Some were badly injured, some saw things we cannot even imagine, and many were never the same. They had to return to lives that were not as they remembered. Family members had taken on new roles in their absence and children were much older than when they left. Some children they did not even know and had to become acquainted with.

Let us also remember the families of the men and women fighting a battle for our freedom with little or no communication. As a military wife, I have a distinct understanding of what it is like to have your spouse leave for extended periods of time and without contact. But even with that experience, I know that it is nothing like what those families went through who had loved ones fighting in the war. It is impossible sometimes to not think about the worst case scenario. Even still, families had to continue on with their lives. They had to adapt and overcome many obstacles. Today we have the good fortune of technology which enables us to maintain communication with loved ones but these advances certainly did not exist then and therefore these families faced tough times often making difficult decisions on their own.

This Remembrance Day, when you take time to reflect upon the sacrifices that were made, consider not only the ultimate sacrifices made by many men and women, but also the sacrifices of those who came home and those who were waiting at home.

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