Migrating Your Property into the Land Registry System

Effective December 1, 2004, a new land registry system was rolled out in HRM which is electronically based. Traditionally in Nova Scotia if you were going to purchase a property or re-mortgage, your lawyer’s role would be to certify to you, and your bank, that once you bought the property you would have good marketable [...]

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I have a Will, so why do I have to Probate?

Having a valid Will when you die does not mean that your estate will not have to be probated. When you draft a Will you will say who you want to inherit your stuff (all of the assets you own) and you appoint someone in your Will (the Executor) who is responsible for paying your [...]

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

In today’s global economy people are offered jobs in other provinces and even foreign countries. What happens when your family has gone through a separation and one parent wants to relocate with the children to another province or country? Can the moving parent take the children? What will be his/her chance of success? These are [...]

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Sexual Abuse, Legally Speaking

Sexual abuse. It’s not an easy topic to discuss; nor is it an easy crime to disclose. People who have been sexually abused are often afraid and ashamed to admit it. Despite the silence, sexual abuse has occurred and continues to occur in our society. Silence allows it to grow in the shadows of our [...]

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Why you’re not too young to get a Power of Attorney

Many people are hesitant to acquire a Power of Attorney when they are young and that is understandable since many don’t envision that such a document would be needed at early stages of life. The problem with that thinking is that if you do not acquire it early enough, depending on the circumstances, you may [...]

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Are wills just for older folk?

The answer to that question is an emphatic NO. Now I will explain why. I’ll first start by explaining what a Will is. A Will is simply a legal document that states what you want done with the things you own (your “estate”) after you die. It’s important to make a Will, no matter what [...]

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Grandparents’ Rights Impacted by Changes to Family Law in Nova Scotia

Starting September 1, 2014, the process for grandparents in Nova Scotia seeking access to their grandchildren through the courts has been simplified. Click HERE for an information update about the changes on the Family Law Nova Scotia website. Kristen O'Keefe is an Associate Lawyer with Kennedy Schofield Lawyers. Articles posted on this blog are meant [...]

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Youth justice camp was a success!

We are very pleased with the outcome of Kennedy Schofield Lawyers’ first ever youth justice camp. We feel it was very fitting that it took place on International Youth Day. The camp’s 19 youth participants were very active audience members asking the speakers lots of interesting and thought-provoking questions. So far the feedback we have [...]

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Teaching Youth About the Justice System

Kennedy Schofield Lawyers is hosting its first ever youth justice camp in Head of St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia on August 12, 2014. The camp is intended to teach youth about the justice system in a way that is educational and also fun. The camp will include a series of fun and informative workshops, presentations, [...]

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Should I do my own legal work?

I know what you are thinking; Tracey is a lawyer, so of course she is going to recommend that I have a lawyer because she wants me to hire her. I am going to acknowledge right now that this article is going to sound self- serving. But there is really no way around that. So [...]

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